Wisdom’s Children Reader Series




The Wisdom’s Children Reader Series is a Bible and Character Study course spanning four volumes. It covers the key people and events of the Bible from creation through the book of Acts. Each story is based on scripture and retold in an engaging and compelling way. Pertinent character study lessons complement each story.

Ways to use the Wisdom’s Children Reader Series:

  1. As a Bible / foundational reading course in your homeschool curriculum.
    • These readers are designed to be read together as a family and studied in unit-study fashion. At the end of each section is a short list of thought-provoking questions that can be used for memory recall, writing assignments, or general discussion.
    • Teacher guides are also available that give teaching suggestions and graded assignments for different levels.
    • Each volume has 36 story/study groups (1 per week for the school year). While you can certainly move along at your own pace, we recommend working through one book each year.
  2. Or – simply use as a personal devotional for kids or adults.
    • Join the hundreds of others we have heard from who have been tremendously blessed and have felt God speak to them through reading these stories!


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