Wisdom’s Children, Book One



A new edition of the classic that helped revolutionize Christian education by placing it in the home and placing the home in the context of the teaching church community. Many books give excellent ways and means about the specifics of what you can teach your children and how. But they often only assume what the subject matter should be and what teaching methods should be used, as well as the image it should shape in your child. Because these assumptions are not examined, the education goal is largely predetermined as somehow similar to secular education, with merely a Christian decal plastered over it, thus at best merely better performing the goal of secular education. Such books therefore touch little, if in any way at all, on the general frame that will ultimately determine not only what you teach and how, but also what your child will become as a result of his education. This book stands alone in going deeper and broader to erect an entire frame for Christian education that could transform the future of your child and even of today’s struggling Christianity. This book is, in short, for serious Christians.


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