Right Words


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As it teaches you the methods of clear, vigorous writing, Right Words will change your understanding of yourself. You’ll discover that your writing can stir readers deeply only when it draws from the depths of your own heart, mind and experience. Yet the writing techniques learned in public school obstruct this type of openness, producing the habits of vague, pompous writing that lulls readers to sleep. Right Words shows you how to escape the ruts of dead prose and how to keep your children from falling into them. As it does so, it will help you to uncover and remove the negative character traits that hide in these ruts. While it eliminates dull writing techniques, Right Words introduces you to effective writing methods that will enable you not only to succinctly and forcefully express the concerns, ideas, feelings and experiences of your life, but it will also show you what about your life is worth expressing and why. The straightforward organization and format makes Right Words ideal for both self-instruction and for teaching children. Tested for five years before being released for public use, and now used as the class book for learning to write, this writing curriculum has produced outstanding results for decades.  


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